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 10 Ways to make us smile (in no particular order):

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The girls in Guatemala

Cheryl's Learning Curve


Public Allies

Public Allies mission is to advance new leadership to strengthen communities, nonprofits and civic participation.

Behrhorst Partners for Development

The mission of the Behrhorst Partners for Development is to strengthen and expand processes of community development and participation that enhance people's lives.

The Adult Learning Center

The Adult Learning Center is dedicated to helping adults gain the basic educational skills necessary to achieve a High School Equivalency Diploma and succeed in careers and higher education.

Travel and take us along or tell us about it.

 2.Make bad jokes.

 3.Introduce us to your friendly, well-mannered pets.

 4.Go with us to an outdoor sporting event: Dad & Cheryl = baseball, Mom & Michelle = football (to simplify)

 5.Cook. We really like to eat.

 6.Do something good for the world...we care about that stuff. If you need ideas, consider the links at the right.

 7.Exercise, with or without us...it's good for you and makes you nicer.

 8.Join us camping or hiking.

 9.Suggest a good book...most of us like to read.

 10.Introduce yourself...we generally like new people.

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